Capture Your Space...

In Virtual Reality

Capture environments to give others an immersive preview of what it's like to visit, work, or live there.

Preserve a space in a high resolution 360 degree video or photo, then revisit it in Virtual Reality as if you are there.

Record and re-live stories and special places.

Imagine feeling so immersed in a space that you feel like you have truly been there.

What do you want to capture?

How We Capture A Space


We capture and create immersive experiences with a cinematic-quality 360-degree camera.

Up to 11K monoscopic and 10K stereoscopic.


You can visit your space in a virtual reality headset (or on a computer or mobile device) at any time.

Virtual reality is a technology where the user looks through a pair of goggles which allow them to feel like they are transported somewhere else.  There have been significant recent improvements in virtual reality that have made this an incredible experience you have to see to believe.   Many believe this will be the next major form of media; from audio capture (radio) to video capture (TV/Movies) to 360 immersive capture (Virtual Reality)!


Do you have a business, space, or a place you would like people to see from anywhere in the world, as if they are standing right in your space? We offer leading edge virtual reality video capture which enables people to virtually experience your site without them having to travel to your location.


Do you have a special place you want to preserve ? A space to always remember?  A legacy to leave? There is no better way to remember these spaces and experiences than to record them in virtual reality so they can be experienced again and again as if returning to that moment in time. It is truly an incredible experience!


About Us

Located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, we have 15+ years of experience in interviewing, visual sciences, and photography.  We have a passion to combine leading-edge technology with capturing the stories of people, places, and spaces in order to provide impactful immersive experiences.

We are currently providing services to Moose Jaw, Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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